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  • 【QUICK LOCK】-Seamless operation with one hand to open, two way locking, a simple twist of the barrel and push against the spring load will open, Automatic re-locking when you release the pressure
  • 【STRONG CARABINER】-UIAA certified, Major axis strength 25kN (5,621lbs), Cross-loaded at 7kN, Hot forged construction rated for tree climbing, hiking, rappelling, rescue, locking big adult dogs, hammock, swing etc
  • 【FOR EXPERT USE】-Designed with a deep basket to lessen fumbling, keylock nose guards against snagging, D-shaped carabiner is proved the strongest based on the same size, and it is easy to grasp
  • 【ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT】-The net weight is only 2.01oz/pc, minimizing your carry weight, Size 3.93" Height, 2.3" Width (widest point), 1.77" Width (narrowest point), 0.66" gate opening
  • 【QUALITY CARABINER】-Very smooth lock and gate surface, and it allows new users not to worry about blood blisters or scratching themselves if they are not used to the carabiner; Full refund if you don’t like it, please buy without worry; Package: 3pcs

Product Description

One-handed twist lock operation

25kN Double Locking Carabiners

25kn black carabiner

360 Degree View

Take a quick look around the device, and you can see how the turning of the barrel with a 45degree twist will allow the gate to be pushed open. Once released, the carabiner will auto-close and lock.

1. Smooth opening/closing.

2. One-handed operation.

3. Premium quality.

  1. Rock, Snow, Aid, Alpine

    Climbing Carabiner

    With both UIAA 121:2018 and EN 12275:2013 we understand safety and quality as critical elements.

  2. Autolocking saves time

    Quick Locking and Release

    Great for walking with big dogs. Quickly secure the dog leash around a lamppost to grab a coffee.

  3. Safety above all else

    Carabiner for Pulley & Zipline

    Carabiners for work or play at height. The auto-locking carabiner is very much a time saver

  4. Safety when on the water


    Keeping things safe inside or outside, there are many applications for carabiners on kayak or canoes

  5. 25kN Rated

    Carabiner for Repelling

    One of the many life depending uses of a safety-verified carabiner is in repelling.

1 Climbing 2 Dog Leash 3 Zipline 4 Boating 5 Abseiling

How long does a carabiner last for?

All FresKaro carabiners are designed to last at least ten years; with good maintenance and TLC, you can expect a great deal of life from our devices. We only use 7075 AL on our devices which are machine stamped and not molded.

So how do I maintain a carabiner, it's just a clip right?

Depending on your usage of the carabiner, use a dry waxed-based lubricant to clean the hinge area, where the spring is located. Always wash your carabiner after contact with salt water or salt air. Remove any tiny particles of grit or dirt.

How often to carabiners fail?

On every production cycle, we do a test on the destruction of >3 units to ensure our kN rating on every batch. The UIAA testing achieved >27kN, and we marked it at 25kN. This gives a healthy 10% margin of error either way. UIAA states a minimum 20kN.

FresKaro Carabiners compared

Tensile Strength(lbs) 5,621 5,621 2,698 2,698 2,698 3,372 1,798
Rating(kN) 25 25 12 12 12 15 8
Locking Method Auto Locking Auto Locking Auto Locking Screw-locking Auto Locking Non Locking Non Locking
Size(inch) 3.93" x 2.3" 3.93" x 2.3" 3.19" x 1.69" 3.19" x 1.69" 3.19" x 1.69" 3.15" x 1.75" 2.73" x 1.31"
Opening Gate (inch) 1.77" 1.77" 0.59" 0.59" 0.59" 0.7" 0.55"
Weight(oz) 2.01 2.01 1.16 1.02 1.16 0.74 0.39
Colors Black Space Grey Black Black & All black Pink Black Red Blue Green Black Red Blue Green Orange
UIAA Certified

UIAA Certified 25KN Auto Locking Climbing Carabiner Clips, Twist Lock, and Heavy

SKU: f6ead1db-460b-402c-accc-a6a79d4b1cfb
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