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  • Note before order: Only fit for the model ID115Plus HR smart bands. Designed specifically for Lintelek, Letsfit or Letscom fitness tracker ID115Plus HR.
  • In the package: 1 green replacement band. Adjustable Band: Designed to fit wrist 5.4" to 7.6".
  • Premium Material: Made with comfort and durable silicon (TPE) material
  • Steady and Secure: Stainless steel buckle on the band and a band holder to fasten your wristband more securely.
  • Easy Assembly: No tools needed, just gently pull the bands off the tracker and push the replacement bands in.

Product Description

Model Name Veryfitpro ID205L Veryfitpro ID130Plus (color) HR Veryfitpro ID115Plus HR Veryfitpro ID152
Compatible with Yamay, Willful, GRV, Pro-fit Letscom Kummel, Letscom, Pro-fit LIVIKEY ID152
Compatible with Letscom, Letsfit Lintelek Lintelek, Letsfit, Gersvar,Poiuzet Kummel ID152
Compatible with Lintelek, Blackview Letsfit Eurans, Stiive, Livikey Stiive ID152

Band made of premium Silicone.

Comfortable to wear with a nice look.

Band is soft, flexible, durable,waterproof.

It fits ID115Plus HR fitness tracker to Running, Swimming, Riding and Weight-bearing practice.

Compatible with:

Letscom ID115plus HR fitness tracker

Lintekek ID115plus HR fitness tracker

Kummel, Eurans, Stiive, Livikey, Pro-fit ID115plus HR fitness tracker

Kindly note

1.This product does not include ID115Plus HR fitness watch.

2.Don't wear the tracker too tightly, otherwise it will be bad for the skin and will hinder blood circulation, which will affect the normal work of tracker.

3.Our support team is ready to assist you to solve the problem you met.(7/24)

Veryfitpro Id115Plus HR Replacement Bands for Veryfit Pro Id115Plus HR Fitness T

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